First post/boyz

Of course the first post on my “Feelz” blog would be about boyz.

I’m currently maintaining 4 text convos with 4 different individuals now. Let’s hope at least one of them evolves into something more than just textual volley. It’s difficult to keep up the wit before having met any of them. There’ll be none left if we ever meet in person!  And I always have the irrational (let’s hope) fear that overusing my wit on one dude will leave me dry for the others. And what if I’m misguided about which dude to use this wit on, and I use it on a dude whose embers will long burn out before I ever meet him, and the dudes for whom I have no wit left over could potentially be long-lasting flames but will never be so because they are unimpressed by my witlessness! 

See, this is why i needed this blog. #feelz